about us

Curious about the name "ikon"?

ikon means image.

* Jesus is the image of God
* we are being shaped into his image
* we were made in the image of God

We believe that God made us in his image, though we've distorted it. He has a design for us - to represent and reflect him in this world. He has shown us who he is through Jesus. As we learn to follow Jesus, we'll become more like him, more like the ikons we were designed to be.

Jason Oesterling is the lead pastor of ikon church. Jason and Janeen met at Cedarville University in Ohio, and married in 1997. They spent 5 years in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Janeen was a K-12 music teacher, and Jason as a 6th grade teacher, then school administrator. They moved to Wadsworth in 2009, where they currently reside, and have five children, four boys and one girl.  

Jason can be reached at jason.oesterling@gmail.com